Energetics is the art of finding out what is going on beyond the things we can see, feel and hear with our normal senses. If we allow ourselves to adjust our senses to other “channels of perception” we will find that there is much more than meets the eye. Our heart is the door. It opens up a whole new world of being, which we can access mainly through our feelings.

Energetics as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is “a branch of mechanics that deals primarily with energy and its transformations”. We can extend its meaning to include not only mechanics but the very existence. We are energy and everything around us is energy, expressed in different forms, colors and frequencies. Some of these expressions are visible others are not. Whether we are aware of it or not, whether they are visible or not, they all interact with and influence each other. E.g. when we are happy we smile or want to dance and embrace the world, thus expressing our invisible feeling of happiness through our body. And if we are angry or sad everybody can see it from the way we act or walk.



Heart-centred energy work is about going to the roots of our feelings, reactions and beliefs, back to the origins of “why I always react in a certain way when somebody does or says something” or “how come I can never be as confident as X even though I have tried many times and nothing seems to work”, to give but a few examples.



“Everything that is held emotionally in the body … such as pain and trauma, has an energetic component. Therefore you can talk and talk, but nothing will change because the energetics of the situation have not been addressed. When the energetics of a situation are addressed, then the trauma, the discomfort, is resolved and the nervous system and behavior come back into a state of equilibrium and balance. This brings an increase of wellness in the individual. …Without addressing the emotional state and its energetic components you simply avoid the problem."
(Tom Kenyon & Virginia Essene, “The Hathor Material”)