"We need to relearn to trust our hearts and our hearts’ feelings
because they always show us what is best for us."

Maria Huber



Welcome to the world of energetics and energy healing!
It is fascinating to explore what is going on „behind the scenes“, to find out more about those things that are not visible at first glance, to work with them and to balance them.


Energy is all around us. We use it to run our computers and drive our cars or to heat our homes. However, we do not usually pay attention to our own energy within us and to how it works.




Quite often we do not realize that there is “something else” until we feel stuck, not knowing what to do, or when events like accidents or losing a job more or less force us to take a look at what is going on in our lives and within ourselves.


This is where the gift of energetics can be found: to discover the meaning of events, which may at first be quite shocking and to seize the opportunities they offer. Obviously, we do not need to wait until something happens. We can pay attention to our feelings and the things occurring in our lives, e.g. by releasing stress as it arises.


I hope you enjoy finding out more about energetics and heart-centred energy work on this site.