My clients

Anyone wanting

  • to improve his or her life,
  • to make changes (sometimes long overdue),
  • to reduce stress,
  • to find out what they really want in life,
  • to overcome fears and old traumas they have been carrying with them for some time

can benefit from heart-centred energy work.

You may feel exhausted, stressed out, fearful, angry, sad, depressed or worried all the time.

Stress, bad health, burnout, destructive behaviour or feeling like a victim, are indicators for us that something is “wrong”. All these seemingly negative things are really gifts for us. They are there to serve us, to let us know that maybe we are going in the wrong direction and ought to make some changes. It is up to us to either ignore them or listen to what they want to tell us.

Heart-centred energy work can help us to find the origin of our feelings or the experiences that created them. Our heart leads the way to healing and integrating step by step, releasing old patterns of behaviour, beliefs or whatever may have kept us holding onto these feelings and experiences. It is not about getting rid of something, it is about accepting what is and embracing the experiences we have made in our life or even before being born.